Why does reputation management matter?

Organizations and businesses with strong positive reputation attract the best talent. When our companies are perceived to provide more value, customers are more loyal; government and community partners also prefer us as partners of choice. Listed companies who enjoy excellent reputation are also rewarded with support from shareholders believing that these companies deliver sustained earnings and future growth.

Thus, it has become imperative for organizations to adopt reputation management as core business strategy to promote the overall quality of company’s and brand’s footprint across every communication channel and each segment of their target audiences, consumers, and stakeholders.

Truthfully, reputation is our license to operate.

Given the importance of reputation management in business growth, we are establishing a new professional organization for reputation managers and leaders in the Philippines – the Reputation Management Association of the Philippines (RMAP). This professional organization will focus on improving the practice and scholarship of reputation management in the country. At the same time, it will serve as avenue to exchange best practices from professionals from various expertise and specialization.

Interested to join? Please send us a brief description of how you lead / manage reputation in your organization.

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